Wenger believes Welbeck is a changed man

The current season of the Premier League kicked off on August 2015 but it wasn’t until February of 2016 when Danny Welbeck was able to make a league appearance and this was due to a long term knee injury which kept him out of the pitch for around 10 months.

There are occasions where some players aren’t able to perform how they used to after having spent such a long period of time out of the pitch due to injury and these injuries can even affect the attitude of the player but according to Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger, the French manager has stated that Danny Welbeck is a better overall player as he has improved and changed ever since making his return to the playing grounds and recovering from his knee injury.

Wenger was trying to dispel any transfer rumours that may be swirling around because of the injuries Welbeck has sustained, and lack of game time he has played.

“I think it is not physical, it is mental. He looks like he realized he has to add something to his game. Maybe he was frustrated as well to be out for the first time for a long, long period. It has loaded him with mental determination. Before, he looked not certain of his game when he came to the finishing. But now he looks much more assertive in his game.” Arsene Wenger said.

At the start of the current season, Arsenal appeared to be genuine contenders for the Premier League title but after a number of slip-ups they dropped points and even though Arsene Wenger and his men are still positioned in the top spots of the English league, all signs are pointing towards either Leicester City or Tottenham Hotspur to become the new champions of England.

Even though winning the league title is appearing to be out of the reach for Arsenal, Wenger is happy to see Welbeck back in action with an improved attitude and the French manager even admitted in saying that Welbeck is also doing better in the pitch as well as in the training sessions.