Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger took a huge gamble going into the season’s opener against Liverpool at the Emirates stadium. Suffering an injury crisis in a time where fans and general discontent is highest, Wenger is definitely under a lot of pressure. Not another failure to win the Premier League, despite being a top club in England.

Jurgen Klopp was practically dancing on the field when new signing Sadio Mane took on young Arsenal defenders before lashing unto a brilliant striker to make it 4-1. The excitement in the camp of the visitors was amazing while Wenger couldn’t hide his angst.

Wenger’s problem and gamble was his optimism. He hopes the players will appreciate all the opportunities he’s providing them with, and seize them to shine. While other top managers are not taking chances and making plans for worst case scenarios, Wenger hopes for the best.

It strikes me that if Wenger was going to have a bet on Olympics Football, he'd be backing team side that just misses out on the bronze medal in the play-off match. There is so much optimism at the start of the season, but then they just miss out on glory year after year.

Arsenal has been having a lot of injury concerns and more are likely to come – Aaron Ramsey and Alex Iwobi moved out during the game due to hamstring and thigh problems respectively. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain showed what Arsenal missed when he was out injured. The match does not necessarily set the tone for the rest of the season but it highlights more problems in the team, and raises panic. Despite the poor start, they finished second in the last term but it continues in the cycle of covering up vulnerabilities, possibly hindering them from going all out for the title.

Former Red Devils talent Danny Welbeck has been injured since May, Per Mertesacker had an operation few weeks ago, and Gabriel is still out. Rob Holding and Callum Chambers paired together, but the result couldn’t hold off the attack, with tougher ones coming when other competitions begin. Leicester City did something beautiful last season without spending much, Wenger is probably towing in that light.