Reading recently sacked their manager Brian McDermott in the hope of achieving Premier league safety in the remaining nine league games of the season, but the Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson does not understand the timing of this sacking.

It has been proven on several occasions that sacking of manager with such few games remaining in the season has not had the desired effect in the past. However, the Premier league strugglers have decided to go ahead with the change despite the fact that McDermott received the manager of the month award only a few weeks ago.

The team lost the fourth consecutive match in the Premier league after the 2-1 home defeat against Aston Villa. The club recognised the need to make use of the home matches in order to get out of the relegation zone, but they were disappointed following his home defeat. This resulted in the manager McDermott losing his job despite leading the club to promotion only this season. The club will be preparing to face the Premier league leaders Manchester United without a manager in charge. Speaking ahead of the match, Ferguson said that he was surprised by the timing of the incident, but he is confident that McDermott will be able to bounce back from this disappointment.

"The timing is surprising. If a new manager comes along, they can't buy anyone. What he has got he has got. If they had done it in December or January maybe I would have understood it because it would have given a new manager time to bring players in during the window. He spent something like £1.2million and £7.4million has come in, so financially he has been successful. He also got them promoted to the Premier League. I don't know what more you can do," said Ferguson.