Ozil dismisses claims of Leaving Arsenal

Ever since Mesut Ozil completed his transfer to Arsenal on September of 2013, the German midfielder has been one of the most influential players of the Premier League club as he is a consistent starter and is undoubtedly a key performer of Arsene Wenger’s squad.

For the past few weeks there have been rumours going around suggesting that Ozil was interested in making a return to La Liga and exiting Arsenal but the German midfielder shut down those rumours as he wrote on his twitter account: "Have seen the media reports today. Arsene Wenger was a big reason for me joining Arsenal, this hasn't changed! #Respect #AFC."

Mesut Ozil has more than 2 years remaining on his contract and the German player stated that one of the main reasons of why he joined the Premier League club in the first place was because of Arsene Wenger and things haven’t changed as the highly rated midfielder continues admiring Wenger.

There is no real reason as to why Arsenal would be remotely interested in releasing the German player who has played a huge role in what has been a fairly impressive season and not only in this campaign but throughout every single season that Ozil has played with the Arsenal jersey.

Throughout this current season of the Premier League, Arsenal have been one of the title contenders as the team of Arsene Wenger managed to stay up to par with Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur, although recent results have seen Arsenal losing pace at the top. With the season closing in, www.1st4footballtickets.com are reporting that Arsenal matches have become the most in-demand in the premire League, with fans still flocking to the games in the hope of seeing history being made.

With less than 8 matches remaining before this campaign finalizes, Arsenal may have to settle with snatching a Champions League spot as the Premier League title appears to be going to the hands of Leicester City.

However, even though the league title is currently looking out of reach of Arsenal, if there is any realistic possibility of Arsenal lifting the Premier League within the near future, Arsene Wenger will have to keep hold of Mesut Ozil for as long as he can.