Arsenal duo of Danny Welbeck and Alex Iwobi are set to miss the game against Lincoln when both sides meet in the FA Cup quarterfinal this weekend, according to reports.

There seems to be a sickness bug in the Arsenal camp, as the players seem to have caught onto the sickness that weighed down Mesut Ozil. Coach Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Welbeck and Iwobi would not be playing as they were both affected, even before the game against German side Bayern Munich in the round of 16 of the Champions League.

Danny Welbeck to Miss FA Cup Game against Sutton Due to 3G Pitch

Danny Welbeck has been one of the disappointing stories for Arsenal in the last couple of years.

The club signed him from Manchester United with a lot of hope, but he has spent a significant chunk of the last two years on the sidelines. Welbeck has been extremely unlucky with regard to injuries, as he has suffered two major knee injuries in the space of 24 months. As a result, he has made just 19 appearances in the last two campaigns. Welbeck has yet to enter into incredible figures for a season with regard to his Arsenal career.

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Arsene Wenger advises Danny Welbeck on Training Drills

Arsene Wenger has advised Danny Welbeck to go a little easy with his training drills as he doesn’t want the forward to do some sort of damage to his body again.

As per Wenger, players generally remain cautious on their return from injury and opt only for light training in the beginning, but, when he saw Welbeck train the other day, it did not seem to him that he ever had any injury at all because he was going at full throttle straightaway and while that is down to his commitment level which is very high, it’s important for him, at the same time, to avoid over-enthusiasm because he has got a bit of a history of rediscovering injuries and he would not want to rediscover another one.

Arsene Wenger Wants Patient Approach with Danny Welbeck

Arsene Wenger has reiterated that patience will be the key with regard to Danny Welbeck, as the England striker attempts to make an injury comeback once again.

A £ 16 million acquisition from Manchester United in 2014, Welbeck has featured in less than 20 appearances over the last two seasons combined. This has resulted in various doubts about his future with the club. Just as he was making a comeback from a long-term injury last season, Welbeck suffered another major problem to his knee. As a result, he is yet to feature for Arsenal this season.

Arsenal and Tottenham - Biggest Rivalry in Soccer

Arsenal and Tottenham share one of the biggest rivalries in football and the North London derby is regarded as one of the toughest games in the world.

Yet, there does not seem to be the same kind of animosity between the players according to defender Danny Rose. The Tottenham star was speaking about the potential appointment of Arsene Wenger as the next manager of England. Since the current England team has a number of Spurs players, many pundits predicted that it would be an awkward situation. Rose, though, says that it would not be the case.

Danny Welbeck could be back sooner than initially expected

Danny Welbeck underwent a knee surgery back on May and it was predicted that he would be missing out from almost 1 year of playing time with his return expected to be done in around March or April of 2017 but recent medical reports are now claiming that the English forward might be back sooner.

“He has an inflammation of his knee and they had to go in again to see if it is healing well. If the healing was not good, he would have been out until April. The news was excellent and he will be back around Christmas. That was the only good news of last week.” Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger said as he stated that Danny Welbeck’s return to the pitch will be completed sooner than what was expected.