Arsene Wenger is believed to be thinking of resting one of his premier players

Arsene Wenger is believed to be thinking of resting one of his premier players Alexis Sanchez for a few games to make sure that the Chile international is not exhausted moving into the business end of the Season.

Arsenal has been having a fabulous time domestically and Sanchez has a lot to do with that. He is the joint highest scorer for the club in the Premier League games played in the 2015-16 Season so far.

The 26-year old has not had a proper rest period this summer as apart from featuring on a regular basis for Arsenal, he has played a lot of international games too and Wenger reckons, he would break down at some stage if he is not handled with a bit of precaution from here on in.

Wenger has already seen the likes of Walcott and Ramsey getting ruled out for weeks due to muscle issues and he is surely not willing for the same thing to happen to Sanchez as well.

However, in spite of these superstar absentees, the performance of Arsenal has not taken a dip at all in the recent weeks as they have maintained their position in the top 2 in the points table.

They are neck and neck with the leaders Manchester City in regard to the number of points, but, a goal differential of +13 which is slightly worse than the Sky Blues’ +17 has deprived them of the topmost position at the moment.

You would have to believe though that the Gunners are in with a huge chance of winning the top flight this time around, after a gap of almost 12 years.

The last time they had been able to bring the League glory to themselves was in 2003-04 when they had gone through their entire campaign without being defeated.