Danny Welbeck has gone through another lackluster season

In many ways, the 2016-17 season of the Premier League was the worst one that Arsenal has experienced from the past decade.

One of the main reasons of why this recently finished season is considered to be as so bad for Arsenal is due to the fact that they finished in the 5th spot.

This is Arsenal´s worst league finish since 1996 and Danny Welbeck was not able to make much of an impact as injuries have continued to significantly affect his time on the pitch.

During the previous Premier League season of 2015-16, Welbeck could only make 11 appearances with the Arsenal jersey while this time around, the English attacker made 16 which is slightly more than the previous campaign of Arsenal but it still was a forgettable season where Danny Welbeck failed to prove his worth at the big stage.

´´The way the season has gone, for the club, fans, players, staff it hasn't been the greatest season for us. Yes, they are in the FA Cup final but Welbeck was honest to say that was not a panacea. It’s a positive. The league position does not make up for the cup´´

“Obviously being out for so long, twice in two seasons, it's going to be difficult for anybody. For me to get back into training and then to get back out on the pitch, and to get the goals, and to be out there in a competitive game was massive for me and I am looking forward to doing it more in the next few years.”

This was the statement that was said by Danny Welbeck back on May of 2017 as the English footballer announced that even though Arsenal was in the finals of the FA Cup, it still was an underwhelming season for Arsenal as they failed to snatch a Champions League qualification spot.

Even before Danny Welbeck made his way to Arsenal on September of 2014, injuries forced him to stay out of the playing grounds. This is what happened when Welbeck performed with his previous clubs: Preston North End and Sunderland.