Danny Welbeck could be back sooner than initially expected

Danny Welbeck underwent a knee surgery back on May and it was predicted that he would be missing out from almost 1 year of playing time with his return expected to be done in around March or April of 2017 but recent medical reports are now claiming that the English forward might be back sooner.

“He has an inflammation of his knee and they had to go in again to see if it is healing well. If the healing was not good, he would have been out until April. The news was excellent and he will be back around Christmas. That was the only good news of last week.” Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger said as he stated that Danny Welbeck’s return to the pitch will be completed sooner than what was expected.

Arsenal is a club that has always struggled with keeping their players in form for an entire season and even though the season of 2016-17 only started a few weeks ago, there already are a number of players in the squad of Arsene Wenger that have sustained injuries including: Per Mertesacker, Gabriel Paulista, Aaron Ramsey and Alex Iwobi.

During the pre-season, Per Mertesacker and Gabriel Paulista suffered physical problems and listening to the recent reports of Daniel Welbeck is great news for Arsenal supporters and for Arsene Wenger as one of his players will be back around 4 months sooner but the French manager still has to find a way to cope with the injuries that somehow continue to emerge as each season arrives.

Danny Welbeck is now expected to come back into the pitch and perform in the squad of Arsene Wenger in around Christmas time in December. So basically, the English attacker might be able to get playing time before the end of the year.