Arsene Wenger advises Danny Welbeck on Training Drills

Arsene Wenger has advised Danny Welbeck to go a little easy with his training drills as he doesn’t want the forward to do some sort of damage to his body again.

As per Wenger, players generally remain cautious on their return from injury and opt only for light training in the beginning, but, when he saw Welbeck train the other day, it did not seem to him that he ever had any injury at all because he was going at full throttle straightaway and while that is down to his commitment level which is very high, it’s important for him, at the same time, to avoid over-enthusiasm because he has got a bit of a history of rediscovering injuries and he would not want to rediscover another one.

Wenger reckons the reason why the return of Welbeck is such eagerly awaited is that everyone has a soft corner for him for the fact that he has been at the receiving end with the injuries quite a lot. There is a common belief that it’s only the injuries which have deprived him the opportunity to utilise his talent to the maximum extent. So, everyone now wants him to have a run where he does not have to deal with any big injury issue and he manages to deliver as much as he is capable of or has always shown the promise of, for both his club and his country.

Wenger also has the opinion like many others that Welbeck could have powered his national team England to Euro Round of 16 if he had been able to offer his services to them for the tournament as the minnows like Slovakia and Iceland were more than likely to have a hard time handling his quality in the frontline.