Arsene Wenger’s journey of finding a striker is a tough one

When it comes to signing high profile players and spending big bucks on top performers, Arsenal is not a club that constantly does it and this is a huge blow for them as the Premier League is filled with big spenders who are willing to do whatever it takes in order to sign their desired targets.

One of the positions that Arsene Wenger wants to reinforce before the next season kicks off is the offensive department as the French coach is eager to add a new forward to his squad but his journey has been a fairly difficult one as Jamie Vardy of Leicester City has already voiced his desire to remain with his current team and Vardy was the main summer target that Wenger wanted to secure but unfortunately, the French manager will have to look for someone else.

Arsene Wenger has recently talked about how things have been going in relation to signing players and about the condition of the summer transfer window, it seems like the French manager is not comfortable about seeing his rival teams signing high profile players and splash out big amounts of money in players as he said:

“I personally believe that no matter what you do, it’s never enough. In the Premier League, every club is hugely ambitious. With the cheques that everybody signs, it’s quite scary. But I believe we know what we have to do.” Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger told the media.

The Premier League is quickly attracting the eyes of the world. The arrival of highly praised managers such as: Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and Antonio Conte will make the English League an entertaining league to watch but also a difficult one to win and Arsene Wenger can’t afford to continue their drought of winning their domestic league as it has already been over 10 years since they have secured it and fans want to see it happen.